Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP)


Certified Human Resource Profession is the professional course requirement for individuals looking to embark within or are already practicing HR professionals.

The course is divided into three (3) segments and each segment has two modules.


CHRP I is divided into levels one (1) and two (2).. This is for the entry level HR professional without any HR background as well as those already working in the HR profession but with no relevant qualifications.

Entry Requirements

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Aggregate C+ (Minimum grade of C in English and Mathematics)
Have equivalent/relevant qualifications subject to approval by the Examinations Board (HRMPEB)

The course outline provides the general body of the HR knowledge and skills required to manage tasks within the scope of human resources.

For candidates completing the CHRP Level I, they must undertake a workplace attachment exercise that will be supervised by both the training institution as well as the host organization. At the end of the attachment, the candidate has to submit a workplace attachment report to the training institution.

Once candidates are successful in undertaking the two levels, then they qualify to progress to the higher levels of Human Resource Training.

NB: To qualify for CHRP II, one has:-

To be a holder of CHRP I certificate or
Diploma/ A bachelor’s degree in HR and related disciplines.

It comprises of levels three (3) and four (4).


This comprises of levels Five (5) and six (6). It’s a progressive course to advanced HR knowledge and skills necessary for managing human resources tasks and responsibilities at a middle and top level of HR management.

These targets:-

  • Holders of CHRP II
  • Individuals with Higher Diploma in HRM examined by KNEC .
  • Master Degree holders in Human Resource Management.

Depending on what level or qualifications you have, HRMPEB may give exemptions to holders of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates from recognized universities, examination bodies and other recognized institutions.

The exemptions are done on a paper by paper basis.
To qualify, one has to fill the exemptions forms from the HRMPEB offices and pay the prescribed exemption fees. All applications must be accompanied by relevant supporting documents.

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