The CFFE is administered in three modules with an integrated case study and workshops at the end of the course. A student must book for three (3) papers in each module, unless is exempted or has credit.

Eligibility criteria/ Entry requirement

(a) CPA, CIFA, CS, CCP, CISSE finalists.

(b) Other qualifications approved by the Board

Examination Schedule

Examination will be administered in the periods: April, August  and December. The course is designed to equip the trainer with knowledge, practical skills and competencies to work in the field o financial frauds and corruption investigations, fraud preventions, fraud risk analysis and related areas.

Module 1

Paper No  
CFF11 Introduction to Forensic Accounting and Audit
CFF12 Fraud and Corruption Schemes
CFF12 Overview of Legal and Justice systems

Module 11

Paper No  
CFF21 Laws Related to Fraud
CFF22 Principles of Law and Evidence and the Trial process
CFF23 Planning and Conducting Formal Investigations

Module 111

Paper No  
CFF31 Fraud Prevention and Detection
CFF32 Fraud Risk Management
CFF33 Integrated Case Study and Workshop


The professional qualifications examinations are administered in three(3) levels i.e Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Level. A student must book for a minimum of three papers in any order, unless is exempted or has credits.

Eligibility Criteria / Entry requirement

(a) Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) at least mean grade C+

(b) Other qualification approved by the Board

Examination Schedule

Examinations will be administered in the periods: April, August and December.

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