The course is designed to equip the trainees with knowledge, practical skills and competencies to work or practice as investment, secretaries and financial analyst, portfolio managers, investment bankers, front managers consultants on national and global markets. 

Foundation Level

Paper No.  
CF11 Financial Accounting
CF12 Professional Ethics and Governance
CF13 Regulation of Financial Markets
CF14 Economics
CF15 Quantitative Analysis
CF16 Introduction to Finance and Investments

Intermediate Level 

Paper No.  
CF21 Portfolio Management
CF22 Financial Statement Analysis
CF23 Equity Investments Analysis
CF24 Corporate Finance
CF25 Public Finance and Taxation

Advanced Level

Paper No Mandatory
CF31 Leadership and Management
CF32 Fixed Income Investments Analysis
CF33 Alternative Investments Analysis
CF34 Advanced Portfolio Management
CF35 Derivatives Analysis
  Prior to Certification, the unit below must be undertaken alongside other KASNEB requirements
CF36P Financial Modeling and Data analytics (Practical Paper)




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